About Us

Lake Charlotte Improvement Association (LCIA)

The Lake Charlotte Improvement Association (LCIA) was organized as a corporation on September 29, 1966, under Minnesota State Laws.  The objectives are to promote the care and betterment of Lake Charlotte, assist in the conservation and preservation of the natural resources of Lake Charlotte, and to provide a means for members to join together to fulfill the above objectives for their common good.
Membership is optional and is offered to all owners of property adjoining Lake Charlotte.

The seven elected directors of the Board for the Lake Association serve two year terms.  The current officers are:

President:            Katie Trebesch
Vice President:    Jess Tauer
Treasurer:           Sherry Englund
Secretary:           Laurie Schroeder
Board Directors:  Sara Mahannah, Lisa Jonas, Jeana Menzemer, 

Lake Charlotte Improvement District (LID)

The Lake Charlotte Improvement District (LID) was established in 1985 to look for solutions to very high water and flooding conditions at that time.  Powers were expanded by the Wright County Board in the late '90s to get involved in other projects such as the sewer with the city of St. Michael, installation and operation of the pump, lake testing and other smaller lake improvement projects. In 1995, the recently elected board voted to eliminate compensation for board members, previously set at $40.00 a meeting. The LID board has operated as a volunteer board since. 
Tess Hanson was a tireless worker on both the Lake Association Board and later The Lake Improvement District Board. She was on the LID board for many years, tried to get off many times but was always convinced to stay on. She worked full time on the pump project for 2-3 years, then the sewer project with the same commitment, Tess passed away on November 6th, 2007.at the age of 67.     
All riparian lake shore owners are tax-assessed to fund the LID.  Assessments are typically $25-$50 per year, but higher when the pump is run more often.
The LID board meets at least once per year, with meeting notices posted and published.
Current LID board members are Tom Larson, Ray Johnson, Darin Christensen, Joyce Stecker, and Lon Voigt.

Wright County Coalition of Lake Associations (WCCOLA)

In 2011, the Wright County Coalition of Lake Associations (WCCOLA) non-profit organization was formed, and Lake Charlotte became a member.  The modest $25 annual fee is covered by the LCIA.

An excerpt from the mission of the WCCOLA is, “to work together with citizens and public agencies to protect and improve water quality through state and local resources.”  The coalition is a forum to share information, and allows strength in numbers to promote and advance a common goal of preservation and enhancement of Wright County lakes, rivers, wetlands and groundwater.
See the newsletters page for updates on WCCOLA activity.