Charlotte Acres


The original land owner of what is now known as Charlotte Acres was Calvin Stewart.
The deed indicates that he was granted a patent on the land March 14, 1858. He may have homestead on the land early under thee pre-emption act. The 1879 map of Wright County shows him as the owner of the land at that time. The map indicates that he had about 127.5 acres in section 6 of Rockford Township.  The parcel was from the present county road 33 on the South to about the Girl Scout camp on the North.  It was bordered on the east by the claim of David Cook which is the present Marschel farm and the west by Garrison Avenue.  A portion of the land was sold to Peter and Mary Nolan recorded  June 22, 1898. Julius and Amalia Meyer were recorded as owners January 3, 1900 and by Fred Meyer April 17, 1901.  (More information is needed to bring the history of this area up to date including information about the fish rearing pond that was operated in this area by the DNR until about the 1960s.)