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Walleye Stocking Update

Walleye update 2009


This will be the last walleye update of the year.  I would like to thank all the people who contributed for the walleye stocking program over the past three years.  I had one anonymous donor from the fishing contest in September and would like to thank that person also.


In talking with the DNR fisheries people at Montrose, we decided to go for larger walleyes this year.  We released 188 walleyes from 6” – 10” off the rock pile in front of the Girl Scout Camp and around the lakeshore towards the north.  The DNR felt a larger stocked walleye would survive better considering all the small northern pike in the lake.  They said a northern pike will not attack a fish that is ½ their size.  They also said that northern pike like to eat perch, chubs, small carp and, of course, small walleye; but not sunfish.  They also suggested that we keep the northern pike and pickle them instead of catching the northerns and throwing them back into the lake. We also talked about the poor crappie fishing in the lake.  He explained that because of the clear water the northern eat a lot of the crappies as they can see them in the beautiful clear waters of Lake Charlotte. 


So in light of the DNR update and news; here is a recipe for Pickled Northern:


Pickled Northern – 3 quarts of fish

¾ cup canning salt

2 quarts of white vinegar

3 cups sugar

1 cup pickling spice

2 large onions


Bring this to a boil.  Add bite size pieces of fish.  Make sure the liquid is over the fish.  Put in glass jars and seal.  Refrigerate for 5 days then the fish are ready to eat


Walleye stocking recap for 2007-2009

2007        240 fingerlings

2008        250 fingerlings 3-12”

2009        188 fingerlings 6-10”


Thanks again for all the support and let’s see if we can catch a few walleyes.

Ken Benson